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Luxury Vinyl Tile/Planking: Benefits & Considerations

What are you walking on?

You might not think about it too much, but the flooring you choose for your home plays an important role. As one of the largest features in any room, it’s a big part of any home’s decor. To stay looking nice over the years, it will need to be durable and long-lasting.

Beyond that, it will need to be easy to clean and maintain because who really wants to spend all their time cleaning the floor? Does such a floor exist?

Let us introduce you to the amazing invention that is luxury vinyl flooring. Let’s start by looking at the benefits.

Luxury Vinyl Benefits

From easy to clean and maintain to the astonishing variety of luxury vinyl styles and colors available, there is a lot to love about luxury vinyl flooring. Check out the top benefits here.

Easy to Maintain

Luxury vinyl, whether planking or tile, doesn’t require a lot of extra work to maintain. Protective finishes are used to get the gorgeous sheen on top. Beyond daily cleaning, you’ll want to clean up accidents as they happen. Vinyl is extremely resistant to moisture and the topcoat protects it from staining. However, acidic liquids or chemicals can still cause discoloration if allowed to sit for a long period of time.

Like wood floors, vinyl flooring can get scratched or scuffed by dragging furniture across it. A simple solution is to put pads on the feet of all couches, chairs, and other furnishings.

Beyond this, there isn’t much else you’ll have to do to keep your floor looking amazing!


Luxury vinyl planking and tile flooring are also durable and long-lasting. Unlike wood floorings, which are susceptible to moisture, vinyl flooring is extremely water-resistant. This means it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where it is likely the floor will get wet.

Special commercial grade types of luxury vinyl flooring are durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic seen in commercial spaces, without losing its elegance. There are also different types that are more durable such as those with a rigid core, an attached underlayment, or extra thicknesses over 8 mm. These types will be more expensive but offer extra durability.

Variety of Stylish Options

The design options with luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring are virtually endless. Hand-scraped textures allow manufacturers to create a wide variety of looks, including custom flooring. Furthermore, manufacturers also use a photographic imaging technique to replicate almost any other type of flooring. Enjoy the look of wood or natural stone without the expense and upkeep of these types of floors.

Easy to Clean

Clean floors are nice, but few people love spending a lot of time keeping them that way. Luxury vinyl planking makes it a breeze. A quick daily sweep will keep most of the dirt, crumbs, and other little tidbits tidied up. Homeowners may use a vacuum if they prefer, but must not use the beater bar to avoid mistreating the floor unnecessarily.

About once a week, the floor will need to be washed with a wet microfiber mop. The manufacturer’s instructions contain information on the type of cleaner that should be used.

Because of the variety in vinyl flooring, there is not a one-size-fits-all cleaning solution. For example, no-wax floors cannot tolerate cleaning agents with waxes, lotions, or conditioners. These can leave an odd residue behind on the floor.

On top of being easy to clean, luxury vinyl flooring doesn’t get dirty as easily. Carpet can trap dirt and allergens in its fibers which can be difficult to remove. This doesn’t happen with luxury vinyl flooring and any debris is easily swept away. Plus, strategically-placed welcome rugs by the entrances help keep dirt and debris from ever making it to the floor.


As with any type of flooring, luxury vinyl has its limitations as well.

Luxury Vinyl Is Durable- But only to a certain extent

Luxury vinyl will last for many years under normal wear and tear, but it is not indestructible. In fact, it is a softer material than other flooring materials like hardwood. This is nice because it is more comfortable to walk on, however it is more vulnerable to being damaged by impacts or punctures.

For example, dropping heavy items can leave little gouges or dents in the flooring. Sharp objects like knives can puncture the flooring and damage it enough to require replacing.

Quality and Ease of Installation Varies Widely

There is a ton of variety in luxury vinyl planking and tile and not just in colors and styles. Consumers can choose different finishes, thicknesses, even installation methods, and each affects the quality of the final product. Thus, comparing flooring and shopping around for the best price can be difficult.

Many DIYers will buy a type of luxury vinyl planking that clicks together to install. It is marketed as being easy to install, but can actually be quite difficult. Not to mention it can shift after installation.

Hire a Professional for Design and Installation

To ensure you end up with luxury vinyl flooring adequate for your situation, it’s best to hire a professional for design and installation. The world of luxury vinyl flooring is vast and an expert has a better understanding of which products will best fit individual needs.

Plus, installing any type of flooring can be quite tricky. Incorrect installation will compromise the integrity and durability of the floor — not ideal.

Ready to Renovate Your Space?

Is it time to update your flooring? Whether you need to replace one room or your entire house, luxury vinyl tile or planking are both excellent options.

Looking for a professional to help you design and install your new flooring? Look no further, and reach out to us today to get started. With over thirty years of flooring installation experience, we’ll make sure your project exceeds your expectations.


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