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How To Tear Out Old Carpeting

Need to tear out some old carpeting? Here's how to do it like a pro:

  1. Remove all of the furniture and pull off any doors in the room you are replacing the carpeting.

  2. Cut the carpet into 3-4 foot wide strips.

  3. Roll the strips of carpeting up. Tie a piece of twine around each roll to hold it together.

  4. Remove the tack strip with a pry bar if necessary. If the tack strip is in good shape, you can leave it in place if you are simply swapping out old carpeting with new carpeting. If you are putting in a different type of flooring, the tack strip will have to go.

  5. Remove the old pad underneath the carpeting. Give the pad a firm pull and detach it from the subfloor underneath. Similar to the carpeting, roll it into strips and tie each roll with a piece of twine to make it easier to dispose of.

  6. Clean up extra staples or glue from the subfloor. Use a floor scraper to easily pull out staples from wood subfloor, sweep them up with a broom, and dispose of them. Use needle-nose pliers on any stubborn staples that are difficult to remove.

  7. Dispose of the old carpeting and pad. Use a sturdy trash bag for tack strip or any other remnants.

Just like that, your room will be prepared for the gorgeous new carpeting or hard surface you are replacing it with.

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